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Places To Visit

The Reclining Buddha

Any tourist to Bangkok should pay a visit to Wat Pho, which is home to the Reclining Buddha, who stands fifteen metres tall and forty-six metres long, with feet measuring more than five metres alone. When you go up there, the entire statue is covered in gold leaf, and it looks beautiful. There are 108 bowls within the temple, and money for the bowls may be purchased on the way in. According to legend, Buddha completed 108 nice actions on his journey to becoming a better person.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is by far the most popular tourist destination in Bangkok. You can’t go to another town fast unless you’ve taken the time to drive here. At one point, the palace served as both the king’s home and the headquarters of Thailand’s government. A palace tour will take many hours because there are approximately 214,000 square metres to cover. Be wary of any frauds when outside the palace and only pay the entry charge when you are really moving in.

The Sky Train

There’s only one way to remain cool when travelling around Bangkok at any pace, and that’s to take one of the sky trains. There is no better way to travel in air-conditioned trains. In most situations, you’ll be hoisted above the traffic below, giving you a perspective of the city.
The most comfortable train route, as well as the one that follows it. Giving you a taste of the city while yet allowing you to see the majority of you would want to visit nearly any region of Bangkok with

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Chao Phraya River

Because of the Chai Phraya River that runs through Bangkok and all of the small canals that feed off it, Bangkok is dubbed “Eastern Venice” by some. The river is Bangkok’s lifeline, and 50,000 people still work on one of the numerous boats that go up and down it. Taking a boat trip down the river is fascinating because you may see high-rise condominiums and fancy hotels in one region and rustic shacks with children playing in another.

Chatuchak Market

If you like shopping, you must visit this location. If you despise shopping, you should avoid this establishment. With over 8000 stalls across 27 acres of ground, this is one of the country’s largest marketplaces. It gets around 200,000 visitors each day and is open every Saturday and Sunday. You can find anything you can think of for sale here, and much of it is at local rates rather than tourist pricing. It is certainly worth picking up a map before you arrive to avoid getting lost on the market.